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Linda Gray is an artist of lifelong passionate endeavours in art. From early childhood she scribbled, doodled, drew and painted then in her teens she was given a simple compound microscope and drew the hidden worlds of water, earth, sand, bugs and fibres witnessed under its prying lens. This fascination was nurtured throughout high school and studying her senior elective subjects; science, art, textiles & design, revealed the intertwined relationship of art in science and the science in art.

Linda’s artworks evolve from contemplative and often emotional moments.  Her natural curiosity in science and people combines with the human desire for connection, allowing her canvas to hold space for relationships to grow between things we perceive as incongruent. They generate both a visceral and intellectual awareness of a topic by exploring an eclectic range of themes.

Acrylic layers and glazes impart brilliance and depth to Linda’s canvases which use strong compositional design, symbolism, metaphor, text and personal totems whilst referencing ancient cultures by incorporating patterns, monoprint and utilizing rich colour and design inspired from a multicultural childhood and remote travels. Recent artworks utilise different papers and experimentation with pastel pigments, bitumen, encaustic, designing small artist books and 3D paper constructions.

A multidisciplinary arts practice has developed gradually, with Linda acquiring skills and techniques by attending many artist workshops, involvement in art groups of regional Qld, including community art initiatives, establishing her studio and relocating to Hervey Bay where she undertook and graduated with her Diploma of Visual Arts from Wide Bay TAFE. More recently her participation in a curated group exhibition “The Quilt Challenge” in May 2018 was both an affirming and challenging point in her artistic career working with seven artists collaboratively on an installation as well as exhibiting two individual artworks.

Linda is a dedicated member of the Fraser Coast Art Collective and is very excited to be exhibiting at the Fraser Coast Art Gallery and Academy in Hervey Bay. Through the gallery's Art Academy program, Linda will facilitate mentoring sessions for young artists and delivers focused workshop instruction in colour & design, painting, mono-printing and drawing techniques in a variety of wet and dry media.