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leticia pujol


Queen Victoria’s quote: “Beware of artists, they mix with all classes of society and are therefore the most dangerous” has always been one of artist Leticia Pujol’s favourite sayings.


Leticia believes that life without artists or without the creativity that the artist produces would not be worth living, that it would be completely devoid of inspiration, creativity, imagination or colour. To her, creativity is a state that allows her to be one with everything around her and that it is this connection which allows her to feel centred and calm. It allows her to tap into her emotions and thoughts, to clear her mind and be at one with herself - to clarify ideas and thoughts, to scaffold them into rational states. Leticia’s art has always been a process state of meditation, reflection and contemplation which the key features of the introduction stages of her work.


Leticia works with many mediums, from oils and acrylics to digital imagery, fabrics, shellac, various types of drawing and ink mediums using scale and size when working on canvas, wood, paper, fabric, found and recyclable objects. Born in South American and inspired by Latin American culture, her work is autobiographical in nature and symbolic in context. Artists that have influenced her visual storytelling have been Frida Kahlo, Gabriel Orozco, Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, and Ron Mueck.


Leticia has exhibited in solo and group shows at the Hervey Bay, Toowoomba and Chinchilla Regional Galleries and at smaller private galleries. Leticia is currently represented by Fraser Coast Art Gallery and also teaches painting through the gallery's academy program.