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Working from her home studio on the Fraser Coast in southeast Queensland, Karen M. Andersen creates abstract art birthed from her deep and seemingly unrelated interests in science, coastal living, and her challenges with depression and anxiety. Merged with her tertiary studies in fine art, biological and human sciences, small business, and specialised masterclasses (including working with renowned Australian abstractionist Ken Done), Karen has forged an award-winning art career with her work being held in collections across Australia, Britain, Europe, and the United States.

As a vocal advocate for mental health awareness, Karen consistently investigates themes of joy, hope, triumph, and determination in her artwork. She views painting abstractly as her therapy a way for her to process her emotions, to face her fears, to grow in confidence and wisdom, and to heal. Through sharing her art and its messages with others, she aspires to contribute to erasing the stigma that still exists around mental illness in today’s society while helping fellow sufferers of depression and anxiety to feel validated, worthy, and understood.

Karen’s lifelong obsession with colour and fervour for experimental and expressive mark-making serve as the vehicles through which she delivers her messages. She paints instinctively and spontaneously using acrylics to create brilliantly-coloured works on canvas. Flamboyant, vibrant hues dance harmoniously around more sorbet tones, laid down firstly in planes of colour then accented with daring splashes, drips, dots, lines and swirls of paint. The resulting artworks are evocative, intoxicating and exciting…alive with character, rich in emotion, and imbued with layers of meaning.

Karen's current career focus is to continue growing her art career via her representation with Fraser Coast Art Gallery, developing her online website and social media presence, and by pursuing avenues to showcase her work at a national and international level. Deeply passionate about helping other artists to develop their self confidence and build their own independent art business, Karen is committed to her involvement with the Fraser Coast Art Collective and is excited to teach classes at Fraser Coast Art Gallery and Academy.