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David was born with a gift for drawing and painting which developed into a desire to become an artist. His deepest thoughts and desires needed to be expressed, David completed a commercial art course through correspondence and attending many art workshops, achieving many awards and sales of his artworks throughout Australia, Korea and the British Isles.

Through constant practice, David has developed an artistic style which exudes his love for the landscape. Influenced by the earlier realist and impressionist painters, David uses realism to capture the atmospheric depth and feeling for the landscape with the notion of opening the viewer’s mind to see more than what was there.


Preferring to work in pastel, oils and acrylic paint on canvas or board, David's passion is capturing the

early morning or late afternoon light when painting the landscape. He begins each painting by visually looking and squinting his eyes at the view in front of him, helping him to see tonal separation and define the composition. Using a palette knife or brush, he works quickly to capture the ever-changing light before it disappears, developing a sketch which can be rendered into a studio work at a later date. 

David is currently represented by Fraser Coast Art Gallery in Hervey Bay. He is presently focused on continuing to teach classes at Fraser Coast Art Gallery and Academy and on further developing a body of work to exhibit at a later date. 


To communicate the global issues regarding flora, fauna and humanity via an image is the primary motivation and inspiration that underlines Gina’s art practice. Her past as a dancer gives her the ability to portray emotion through visual art, much as a dancer does through movement. It’s through her empathy and emotion on canvas that she hopes to provoke the process of thought and action regarding these complex societal issues, firmly believes that whilst certain global issues may not affect everyone immediately, each can have a ripple effect in the long term if society chooses to ignore them till it’s too late.

Gina recently spent time on Fraser Island (K’gari),   documenting scientists at work and recording their fight to conserve the native species that are unique to the Island. This experience, along with completing a portrait of the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, have been two of Gina's outstanding career highlights from the last few years of her art practice.

Using the mediums of charcoal and oil, Gina carves out a 3D image on canvas, manipulating the paint, erasing and adding as necessary to portray the emotion she hopes to evoke. Quite often, text or visual elements are included to help tell the story. Applying several hues of overlapping glazes to create what is normally mixed on the palette gives Gina's paintings the rich depth of colour that is a signature of her work. Sculpture is another passion of Gina's which she sometimes uses to convey her stories and messages.


Currently creating a new exhibition on oppression and governmental Big Brother tactics and inspiring others to find their voice, Gina is also working on pieces to present to her new gallery representation at Fraser Coast Art Gallery and for an exhibition for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.