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 Fraser Coast Art Gallery and Academy



9/17 Liuzzi Street, PIALBA, QLD 4655

PH: 0419178405

EMAIL: frasercoastart@gmail.com



Fraser Coast Art Gallery and Academy (FC ART) is a privately run commercial gallery developed to support and develop industry opportunities for artists. Our policies and procedures are followed to meet best practice in the arts and culture industry whilst seeking to promote Fine Art in a contemporary setting.  Our Exhibition Proposal Guidelines have been prepared to provide you with all the necessary information you need in relation to submitting a proposal to exhibit at FC Art.




FC Art is a multi-faceted enterprise that exists to support artists and celebrate contemporary fine art. Home to Artist Run Initiative ELEVEN and proud supporter of the Fraser Coast Art Collective, we are always on the lookout for talent!

We have a gallery space available for exhibitions and are excited to consider new applications from artists at all stages of their career.  Our preference is for innovative work that has a solid concept and reason for being.


 Artists or organisations wishing to exhibit at FC Art Gallery will need to read the following background information below and then submit the application form attached.




All memorable exhibitions begin with an imaginative concept.  Initially your concept may be broad and ambitious or very simple and defined.  At the early stages of an exhibition, it is important to objectively assess your work and to research any reference points you are interested in exploring.  You may visualise your show as a complete departure from your normal practice, a chance to experiment with new techniques or imagery, or it may be a consolidation of your established work.  


After developing your concept through testing and refinement, start examining the feasibility of the show.  This is an essential time to come in and see first-hand the dimensions of the Gallery and to consider the number of works and your style of presentation. Our team can advise on the appropriate use of display equipment to professionally configure the presentation of your exhibition.


Be aware, there may be some restrictions on the size and weight of the works we can display.  Do not produce the artwork, and then attempt to fit it in the space. We can provide a copy of the gallery floor plan to help design your show but if you think you may be pushing the boundaries just a little bit (and we really don’t mind if you do!) maintain a degree of flexibility throughout the process of developing and presenting your exhibition and talk to us throughout the process.




Creating an exhibition is very exciting and we want you to be well prepared. For your reference, these are the typical costs your exhibition may incur:

  • Development, production, framing and presentation  

  • Hire of exhibition space

  • Insurances

  • Transport and freight     

  • Documentation

  • Exhibition opening function (catering and guest speakers)

  • Public and education program speakers/material and preparation

  • Catalogue or room brochure

üPreparation and distribution of promotion and advertising material 


And do be aware!  Sadly, this list is not exhaustive!!! Our team and the incredible FC Art Collective can put you in touch with different organisations and processes who may be able to support you funding your exhibition. Let us know if we can help!


Your exhibition proposal will be assessed by the FC Art team who will decide if you are a good fit for our exhibition program. Our staff will be happy to provide critical and constructive appraisal of your proposal if the application is unsuccessful and may be able to suggest alternative avenues for showcasing your work, if need be.


To give your exhibition proposal the best chance of success it is essential that you provide all the information requested in this application and address each section in full.  If, for example, you have not provided a CV or good quality images of current work, or your proposal is poorly presented, your application may not be accepted and a resubmission may be requested.   

 Do seek the advice of Gallery staff or the assistance of someone who has skills in document and image presentation if you can but bear in mind that it really is your works that will be of particular interest. Support for your application process can be found at FC Art Collective. We’d be happy to put you in touch!


Putting an exhibition together is a big endeavour and we’re excited to work through the process with you! All the best putting your application together!


Susie and Akos

FC Art


Situated in the stairwell that leads up to our studio/workshop, the gallery has lots of traffic from students and visitors for lectures and workshops, as well as being the entry point to the Main Event Gallery. Designed to support emerging artists take their first steps into exhibiting their works, the space is equally suitable  for displaying a small exhibition for established artists.

Fees and conditions can be found by downloading the PDF below. Applications should be returned to FC Art via E-mail at frasercoastart@gmail.com. (Please put your name and exhibition application in the E-mail subject title)

Wall Dimensions are:  

At the shortest: Walls have 80cm hanging depth

At the tallest: Walls have 430cm hanging depth

Collectively walls have approximately 10m to hang your exhibition


This gallery is our largest! Designed to celebrate artists taking their careers to the next level. With towering walls and industrial beams, we are seeking your most imaginative works. The space is suitable for a broad spectrum of artmakers and exhibition styles. Show us your work and let us help you make it shine! We welcome installation and performance art alongside all manner of traditional artmaking styles.

Fees and conditions can be found by downloading the PDF below. Applications should be returned to FC Art via E-mail at frasercoastart@gmail.com. (Please put your name and exhibition application in the E-mail subject title)

Wall Dimensions are:  

Gallery is still under construction. Details to follow! Watch this space. PDF is downloadable now for Expression of Interest.