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With more than 20 years of painting experience following University study and including more than 4 years of painting fine art into street art murals, Akos has developed a stellar reputation for creating stunning large works.  Currently making his home on the Fraser Coast, he is originally from Hungary and has been trained in the great traditions of the European masters

 Akos creates with a purpose to unite people and during his action painting events, he invites children and adults alike to use creative freedom, including painting with their hands and feet, or whatever inspires them, to create the backgrounds of the canvases. “Letting the kids in particular express themselves through art we are showing among other things that art is for everyone, we are breaking down the walls,” Akos said.


Further, he believes art education on every level is fundamental, from children to scholars, and allows us all to have a voice adding, “More than just education around the making of art, the exploring of narratives behind works can help to take away the invisible wall that can sometimes exist between artists, galleries, studios and art critics and the broader community. If we can learn to ‘unpack’ art and consider the message behind its creation, by questioning why it was created and what it means rather than just looking at the painting for its perceived beauty, we can deepen our appreciation of its value to our community and make art and galleries more inviting to all.”